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Residential Plumbing Services

At Chieftain Plumbing we don't just find the cause of the problem, we also work with you to resolve, repair and maintain it in a cost effective manner. 

Avoid cold showers, clogged pipes, backed up sewerage - any problem, we can fix it! 

Plumbing problems can strike when you least expect it, so why not take precautionary measures with our maintenance service?

Plumbing hasn't been installed in your new home? Call Chieftain Plumbing for our environmentally friendly installation service. 

Emergency service

Thanks to our active workforce, we aim to provide where practicable same day service between business hours. 

We also offer a 24 hour emergency service.  

Call us now  0412 786 431 

Our specialties:

  • Tap and toilet - repairs, servicing, replacement, and installations
  • Roofers, gutters and down pipes - repairs, replacement, and installations
  • Burst pipe/water main - location, and repairs
  • Hot water systems - repairs, testing, replacement, supply, and installation of electric, gas, and solar systems along with removal of the old system
  • Drains - unblocking, repairs, replacement of sections or entire drains, and excavation
  • Gas - installation and/or servicing of gas lines, and appliances as well as converting gas to natural gas, and providing gas compliance certificates for Caravans
  • Water efficiency audit - audit and provide recommendations for energy efficient improvements to your plumbing
  • Back flow valve testing